Premium Hedgehog Spiral Featherboard for Quicker, Easier, and Safer Workflow | Featherboard for Table Saws, Router Tables, and Band Saws

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Product Description

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The Hedgehog spiral featherboard is dual-patented which means there’s no other featherboard like it:

USED BY PROFESSIONALS: The Hedgehog featherboard was reviewed in the August 2018 issue of Fine Wooodworking Magazine and is featured in the book Essential Joinery by Marc Spagnuolo. More reviews and TV appearances are upcoming.
QUICK PRODUCTION: Other featherboards come with two-knob adjustments or magnet systems that make them hard to use, slow, and complex for beginners. We’ve simplified the structure to feature just one singular pivot point, making this an excellent featherboard for new or beginner woodworkers.
INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY: Using just one hand, now you can ensure perfect cuts as you continue to increase your productivity. With a shorter cutting time, you can focus on other elements of your project.
PATENT-PROTECTED DESIGN: The Hedgehog Spiral Featherboard comes protected by two patents, designed by a one-man business. After more than two years of development and prototyping, the design of the single knob featherboard came to fruition.
WORK MORE SAFELY: Saws and other materials in workshops can create a dangerous environment, even for the most experienced of hobbyists. With this easy-to-use featherboard, now you can increase your safety while doubling your productive abilities, making this woodworking accessory the perfect tool or gift for a beginner craftsman.


• If the Hedgehog is loose in the miter slot, ensure that the screw is aligned properly.

• If your miter slot is a bit wide, remove the miter clamp from the Hedgehog, insert a flat screwdriver into the slot and clamp, giving it a little twist to make it wider.


• The cast CNC-milled aluminum miter clamp is 3/4” x 3/8” to fit most standard miter slots that are ¾” wide.

• The Hedgehog body is molded of durable, high-impact DuPont nylon.

• The Hedgehog is compatible with table saws, router tables, and band saws.

Photos of the Hedgehog in action!

hedgehog, featherboard, feather board, sawdust, tablesaw, tablesaw

hedgehog, featherboard, featherboard, band saw, bandsaw, resaw, resawing

hedgehog, featherboard, feather board, router, router table, routertable

Hedgehog, featherboard, feather board, table saw, tablesaw

The Hedgehog in its natural environment

The Hedgehog getting a table saw dust bath.

The Hedgehog resawing on a band saw

The Hedgehog is a versatile featherboard that is also an excellent aid in resawing.

The Hedgehog keeping things tight on a router table

The Hedgehog helps get clean, smooth cuts at the router table.

The Hedgehog is reversible to work on either side of a table saw blade (as well as band saw blades)

Sometimes you need to work on the other side of the table saw blade. Simply remove the Hedgehog’s knob, flip the hardware to the other side and you’re good to go!


Q: What are the dimensions of the miter clamp? Will it fit my miter slot? A: 3/4-inch wide x 3/8-inch high: The miter clamp is cast aluminum and CNC milled for tight tolerances and a precision fit. It is designed to fit 3/4-inch wide miter slots. If you have a 5/8-inch or metric miter slot, the Hedgehog miter clamp will not fit. However, there is a replacement 5/8-inch miter clamp that is available.
Q: Is the Hedgehog reversible to work on either side of the fence? A: Yes! Simply disassemble the Hedgehog, flip the body over, and re-assemble.
Q: What is the reach of the Hedgehog “feathers?” A: The minimum reach from the center point of the knob (or center of the miter slot), with two “feathers” contacting the workpiece is 1-9/16 inch. The maximum reach from the center point of the knob (or center of the miter slot), with two “feathers” contacting the workpiece is 6-3/4 inch.
The Hedgehog is moving around in the miter slot a little. What can I do? A: The miter clamp is CNC milled for a precise fit in 3/4-inch miter slots. When the knob is tightened, it causes the conical head of the screw to expand the miter clamp which tightens it in the miter slot. There are two possible causes for the miter clamp not being secure in the miter slot:

A – the conical head of the screw has two bumps that should be placed inside the gaps of the miter clamp to prevent it from rotating. Ensure that these are positioned properly (see product images).
B – if Step A didn’t tighten up the miter clamp, disassemble the Hedgehog, insert a flat blade screwdriver into the miter clamp slot and give it a twist to flare it out a it. It doesn’t take much to flare it out so start small and do it a couple of times if necessary. Re-assemble and see if that helps.

ONE KNOB FOR QUICK ADJUSTMENTS: Our hedgehog spiral featherboard has a simplified design that features only one knob for quick, easy, and seamless adjustments. This single pivot point streamlines woodworking while maximizing your productivity.
PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS: If you are just starting out in woodworking, this single knob featherboard will make it easier than ever before for you control and cut wood accurately, using just one hand at a time.
CLEANER, SMOOTHER CUTS: The precision and accuracy in this premium featherboard ensures that you can hold the wood tight against the fence which results in cleaner, smoother cuts. Dramatically improve the quality of your woodworking production.
REDUCE KICKBACK & OTHER DANGERS: Thanks to the snug fit of this featherboard, reduce wood kickback, which makes it a safer working environment for you.
IMPROVED QUALITY OF WORK: This premium, single pivot point featherboard will guarantee high quality output every single time. It’s perfect for hobbyists and professionals looking to create wooden masterpieces.

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