Panel Max Glue Press Four Way 43 Inch Long Clamping System For Small and Large Panels. Keep Valuable Floor and Workbench Space Open While Gluing Up 39 Inch Maximum Width Flat Panels

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Product Description

plano damstom DAMSTOM flat panel clamp press

Panel Max plano damstom

The Fulton Panel Max Equals 4 Way Pressure For Large Panel Glue Ups

Why struggle with multiple pipe clamps and bar clamps when you can simply use one system that makes panel glue ups easy. Simply slide in one board, then the next, then the one after that and continue that process until all of your boards are in place. Once all your boards are in the Panel Max, simply latch the Top Pressure Assembly and secure the panel. Its that Easy!

4 way pressure

Thats alotta pressure!

The Panel Max was designed to apply pressure on all four sides of your panel. This alone is makes it worth every penny! Not only does it apply 4 way pressure, it applies a lot of it too! Up to 1750 pounds of 4 way pressure on your panel helps keep the boards from racking. This is the perfect clamping device for larger panel glue ups.

rack racking

Flat Panels, Clean Work Areas and No More Heavy, Cumbersome Clamps!

The Panel Max does so much for the average woodworker and professional alike. It helps you produce flat, smooth glued up panels with minimal effort when compared to using traditional methods. It also helps eliminate racking since you don’t need to keep adjusting individual clamps as you do with pipe clamps or and bar clamp methods. Not to mention that since its a vertical glue press that mounts to your wall, it stays out of your way! No more taking up your workbench space. Last but not least, we no longer need be concerned about breaking our back when we try to lift a ridiculous number of heavy pipe clamps. Now when your panel is dry, simply remove it from the press and you’re done!


Large Width and Thickness Capacity

Simply put, the 43″ tall Panel Max will clamp panels as wide 41″ when using 3/4″ thick stock. When clamping 5″ thick stock, the Panel Max clamp capacity is 39″. These capacities will work for the vast majority of panel projects in your workshop.

expand your horizons

Expand at Your Own Pace

The Panel Max can be lengthened to any length you need. Typically the maximum length of a panel for the base Panel Max with 3 vertical glue press assemblies is approximately 40″. We recommend that you have a vertical glue press assembly at 12″ intervals on center for optimal performance. The Panel Max comes with 1 each 39″ mounting rail and 3 each vertical glue press assemblies to get you started.

The ideal panel clamping solution for anyone who needs to clamp larger panels for there woodworking projects. Ideal for woodworkers, carpenters, diy’ers and more. Made from heavy duty aluminum
Tired of buckled panels, messy gluing tables, heavy pipe clamps or loss of valuable floor or workbench space? Yeah, we were too! The Panel Max Glue Press System not only eliminates each of these issues, it is also user friendly and can be expanded to accommodate most any size panel you need to glue up! It does all this while producing well laminated boards or flat panels each and every time you use it. Much better than traditional clamps like pipe clamps, f-clamps or bar clamps!
The Panel Max Glue Press System applies even press on both ends and both sides of your panel project which helps create high quality joints and eliminates buckled or warped panels. This alone is reason enough to include this system in your workshop collection of “go to” tools. Of course, that’s not all. The Panel Max has linking arms or more accurately a top and bottom pressure assembly that adjust to any thickness of stock from 0” up to 5”.
The length you can clamp is only limited by the length of your wall where the Panel Max is mounted, the number of mounting rails that are installed (where the vertical assemblies are hung from) and the amount of vertical press assemblies you have. Each mounting rail is approx. 39-3/8” in length and my be cut to the desired size if necessary.
The Panel Max can clamp panel widths up to 41” using ¾” stock. With the max thickness stock of 5” you can clamp panel widths up to 39”. You can actually clamp a single large panel, or you can clamp multiple, more narrow panels all at one time up to the capacity of the clamp. To do this, clamp a couple of smaller panels edge to edge and leave out the glue between the first panel outer edge and the next starting edge of the adjacent panel to be glued.
The Panel Max Glue Press includes 1 each 39” mounting rail and 3 each 43” vertical clamp assemblies. We recommend using one vertical clamp 12” apart on center. Keep this in mind when deciding what you need to get for your most commonly built projects. The Package also includes full instructions to get you started and on your way to gluing up panels and boards with much less effort and aggravation than ever before!

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