ALLY Tools Professional 12 inch Locking Wing Divider Pencil Holder/Compass Scribe INCLUDES Two Pencils and Metal Pencil Sharpener Ideal for Drawing Circles, Woodworking, Metalworking, and Leather Work

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Product Description

8" Precision Compass Pencil Holder/Spring Divider Kit Two Pencils and Metal Pencil Sharpener

12" Wing Divider

A MUST have for Professional Craftsmen

Ideal for:



Leather working

Drawing and scribing circles and arcs

12" Wing Divider

Wing Divider 12"

Strong Knurled Knob for Repeat Measuring

The divider features a wing that enables quick measuring and angle adjustments. Just unlock the knurled knob to set a measurement in place. Once you set your desired angle/measurement, lock the knurled knob again to do repeated measurements without continuously using a ruler/measuring tape!

Wing Divider

Heavy Duty Carbon Steel Construction

Built from high carbon steel, this divider will last you as long as you have it. It’s strong structural design prevents twisting during use. The metal needle tips are durable and will not wear down.

12" Wing Divider


Each ALLY Tools Divider Kit comes with Two Pencils and One Metal Pencil Sharpener so you can begin drawing circles and arcs right away. Start on your carpentry project with ALLY Tools and Parts!

[VERSATILE]: Perfect tool for doing large carpentry work, drafting, metal work, and leather work
[QUICK & STRONG]: The locking knurled knob enables quick, smooth adjustments until contact with the center collar. The needle point metal tip makes strong engravings and will not slip.
[ACCURATE]: Scriber makes circles between 1/2″ and 30″ diameter for measuring diameters, angles, and draw circles/arcs without repeat use of a ruler.
[100% GUARANTEE]: In the rare occasion you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, ALLY Tools and Parts will refund or replace your order through our 100% Money Back Guarantee.
[BUNDLE]: Includes Two Pencils with Eraser Tops and One Metal Pencil Sharpener.

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