WINCKELSTEEL Wood Carving Tools Set of 12 Wood Chisels – Glides Through Wood Like Butter – Quality Carving Tools Chisel Set for All Skill Levels, Woodworking Tools for Hobbyists Or Professionals

Price: $109.97
(as of Nov 08,2019 02:39:50 UTC – Details)

When you’re a passionate person, getting the right tools to express yourself is a hard job in itself. You contemplate getting a budget starter set to get you going, only to discover you quickly outgrow it, and need more. It’s not your fault if this is currently you, there wasn’t a product that could cater for you before. However, by fate you were brought here! If you’re ready to get creating your artistic vision, and amazing precise work, then you need to get this set TODAY. IF we don’t deliver on our promise, you’re getting your money back anyways, right?


#1 Straight Chisel 8mm
#1 Skew Chisel 8mm
#5 Gouge 8mm
#5 Gouge 20mm
#7 Gouge 6mm
#7 Gouge 14mm
#7 Heavy Bent Gouge 20mm
#8 Gouge 4mm
#8 Spoon Gouge 10mm
#9 Gouge 10mm
#11 Veiner 3mm
#12 V Parting Tool 6mm.

Protective end caps fitted to every blade

A handcrafted tool roll that protect during working, storage and travel.
EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED TO GET STARTED – Light, very sharp, and responsive. After months of research, we finally ended up with a set of 12 wood chisels to get you going straight out of the box. Getting a decent set of chisels that will last you until you are extremely competent just wasn’t being catered for, unless you wanted to make a serious hole in your pocket. We hand selected 12 sizes, with impeccable quality that rivals the out of reach price bracket tools. Price shouldn’t affect you gettin
SPEND TIME CARVING, NOT DAYS GRINDING – As with any other premium set of tools, these will require sharpening If you’re not willing to sharpen your tools, these, or any other high quality set, will not be for you. If you want to enjoy world class quality, hand sharpened, hand polished true performance steel blades, then they definitely are for you. Made from hardened vanadium steel chromium alloy, and hand polished over a two month period, your new chisels won’t dull quickly, holding their edge
QUALITY IN HAND, GUARANTEED – Providing the best quality product for the most reasonable price is what we strive for here at WINCKELSTEEL. If this set fails to deliver on what we have promised, we’ll give your money straight back to you. We are about providing the entire package, and serving your needs is part of that package.
OPTIMIZED FOR THE BEST, LASTING PERFORMANCE – When putting this set together, we thought about a lot more than just the blades themselves. Octagon handle shape to ensure they won’t roll whilst you’re working away fearlessly, black end caps that fight snuggly to protect the blade end whilst not being used, and a beautiful handmade artisan tool roll, that not only looks like a piece of art in itself, but it sturdy enough to withstand any building site or workshop wear.

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