Shop, Work Apron – Waxed Canvas woodworking apron for men and women with 6 Spacious Pockets – Durable Tool Apron Tool with Microfiber Towel Included – Smart Straps Design – Fully Adjustable S to XXL

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green brown black denim waxed canvas work shop art lab woodworking wood apron for men and women

Wood has been present in our lives from the very beginning and we always admired woodworkers – woodworking means you have a bed to sleep on, you get a nice drawer to keep your things in, you start a fire to keep you warm during the winter season and so many more.

As society developed, our needs became different, so we learned how to be an artist, a barista, a barber, a grill-master or a blacksmith. All of these jobs have ONE THING IN COMMON – you need a DURABLE, VERSATILE HEAVY-DUTY APRON for men & women to protect your clothes!

Apart from its wide range of use, we know it’s all about the utility, therefore we designed a LONG LASTING 16 oz waxed canvas shop apron to help you keep all the tools you need literally in your pocket while PROTECTING YOU and your clothes from all the substances or work accidents that may take place.

Choose wisely and UNLEASH THE DOER WITHIN!

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Are you in the market for a durable shop apron that gets better with every use?

A water-resistant work apron for men and women with pockets to protect your clothes from all the materials you use in your daily activity?

A waxed canvas apron would be FANTASTIC in this case!

Maybe you want a versatile apron for men and women, one that can EMPOWER and help you obtain BETTER results in your field – be it woodworker, artist, barista, grill-master, carpenter, mechanic, barber or even lab assistant. Any kind of Doer is welcome to try it out.

Or maybe you’re just looking to get rid of your neck pain and could use a SMART, cross back apron with over-the-shoulder straps.

MAKARA.907 shop aprons for men and women were carefully manufactured to be EASY to USE & to STORE while providing you PROTECTION and COMFORT so you can FOCUS on your work!

Christmas apron for women and men welding aprons for men black art aprons for women and men ceramics

FREE MICROFIBER TOWEL: Buying a MAKARA.907 heavy duty apron comes with the benefit of getting a free microfiber towel + a dedicated towel hanger with a metal ring attached.

REINFORCED STITCHING: You won’t have to worry again about heavy tools falling off your apron because of weak stitching of the loops and pockets.

leather aprons for men art teacher for painting tool aprons for men with pockets cross back safety

SMART CROSS-BACK STRAPS DESIGN: This is the absolute game changer when it comes to functional aprons which stay in place while you are fully focused on the job.

REMOVABLE SHOULDER PADS: You get to choose where the shoulder pads should be placed so you can have the most comfortable wood working apron.

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16 oz waxed canvas work shop art lab woodworking apron aprons blacksmith barber dark green brown


The MAKARA.907 tool aprons for men and women are the perfect choice when it comes to LONG LASTING & COMFORTABLE shop aprons!

● A NEW, MUST HAVE SHOP APRON FOR ANY TRUE CRAFTSMAN! Carry all the tools you need inside the many pockets this Makara.907 black work apron features. This rugged workshop apron has even a dedicated towel hanger and you get a Microfiber Towel Bonus when buying yours. The reinforced stitching provides STRONG loops for any heavy tool and you’ll never work without this tool apron again.
● NECK PAIN? NO THANKS! The SMART, cross-back straps DESIGN of this type of work aprons for woodworking is way more COMFORTABLE than the around-the-neck-straps work aprons for men & women. It’s a UNISEX design that distributes the weight evenly and the REMOVABLE Shoulder Pads make the cross-back apron so light you even forget you have it on!
● GET YOUR TOP NOTCH 16 oz WAXED CANVAS APRON NOW and become the skillful master of your shop! Strong yet Flexible, the fully ADJUSTABLE Makara.907 apron fits up to 50” waists (S-XXL). Our carpenter apron would make for a THOUGHTFUL GIFT for any craftsman in your life (your dad, hubby or boyfriend will be THRILLED with this apron for men).
● RELIABLE welding apron with 6 strategically placed pockets, 2 heavy tool loops and 1 towel hanger with a metal ring. A protective phone pocket (fits up to iPhone X with original case), 2 large pocket tools, 2 lateral kangaroo pockets, and a pencil pocket; with this blacksmith apron, you don’t have to remember where the pencil behind your ear went.
● VERSATILE 27×34” water-resistant utility apron with lots of pockets to fit any tool you may need day by day. It works great for all handymen (starting as a machinist apron and ending as a butcher apron), fits any artist’s workshop and can IMPRESS ANY CLIENT as a UNIQUE barber apron. The hanging loop on the back allows for EASY STORAGE so you don’t have to take out all the tools at the end of the day just to put them back the next morning.

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