Schaaf Tools 12oz Wood Carving Mallet

Price: $25.00
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Schaaf Tools Woodcarving Mallet

A Little Bit About Us

Professional woodcarving tools can leave you wondering if you’ll need to take out a lone to afford them. We found there was need for quality carving tools crafted to a higher standard, so you aren’t ready to give up carving before you even get started, but available to those not ready to break the bank.

Schaaf Tools 12 oz Wood Carving Mallet is perfect for full size gouges and chisels, and is a must have woodworking tool for your workshop. This durable mallet fits comfortably in your hands and gives your carving tools a bit more oomph. The urethane head gives Schaaf Tools mallet the ability to transfer momentum to the chisel without too much shock, reducing noise and protecting your tool handles.

Happy Carving!

Eli Pearlman



urethane head

ergonomic handle

veterans program

Schaaf Tools is Proud to Support 21st Century Heroes

Twice a year, 21st Century Heroes provides a seven-day therapeutic and professionally instructed woodcarving workshops for wounded veterans. The relaxed class environment is designed is designed to offer Vets sufficient knowledge and confidence in order for them to continue woodworking when they return to their homes.

veterans program

veterans program

veterans program

veterans program

veterans program

veterans program

veterans program

12 OUNCE WOOD WORKING MALLET – for full size wood carving gouges and chisels
SHOCK ABSORBENT – Urethane head absorbs punishment to protect your tools
COMFORTABLE HANDLE – Excellent ergonomics to keep your hand from getting fatigued
REDUCED NOISE – Urethane head decreases noise greatly while working with your tools
ERGONOMIC – Better balance and control than conventional mallets, increased surface area

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