Right Angle Clamp, Housolution Single Handle 90° Aluminum Alloy Corner Clamp, Right Angle Clip Clamp Tool Woodworking Photo Frame Vise Welding Clamp Holder with Adjustable Swing Jaw – Silver Gray

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Product Description


Best corner clamp is a handy tool that makes easy your Woodworking and other applications like assembling furniture or cabinet. Whether you are a DIY woodworker or a professional carpenter, corner clamp is a go-to tool. Housolution Single Handle 90° Aluminum Alloy Corner Clamp is just the one that you are looking for. Easy to Use! Great for framing, drilling, doweling, and much more.



This single handle 90° aluminum alloy corner clamp is a great value for home DIYers. It is a good choice for aligning, nailing, woodworking, welding, screwing, making cabinets, box, and picture frames, and can be set up nearly instantaneously.


• Body Material: Aluminum Alloy

• Single Handle: Adjustable handle jaw rotation

• Jaw Opening: 68mm/2.68 inch

• Jaw Width: 95mm/3.74 inch

• Jaw Depth: 35mm/1.38 inch

• Item Weight: 28.75oz

• Package: 1 x 90° Right Angle Clamp


High Quality Ensures Great Performance.

Made from abrasion-resistant aluminum die-casting alloy, this clamp can be used again and again for years without ever failing while on the job.

It holds angles together with a vise-like grip while creating an unobstructed working area, so you can still precisely weld or assemble joints without the extra hassle of worrying about your clamp.

It also features quick-release mechanism and ergonomic rubberized handle that ensure easy adjustments.


Usage and Application

This clamp is great for simple tasks, like aligning and clamping parts for nailing, welding and screwing, and just as good for more complicated jobs, like making cabinets, box-frames and picture frames.


Please check the thickness of the glasses before clamping. If too thin, it may get cracked.

When clamping the glass, users are suggested to coat both sides of glass’s clamping position with facial tissues; thus can avoid the metal clamp cracks the glass or scratches the glass surface accidentally.

Using hand tools may be dangerous, please keep the item away from children.


Durable Copper and Stainless Steel

Aluminum Alloy

Aluminum Alloy

Aluminum Alloy

SK2 steel + Premium beech

Heavy duty waxed canvas fabric


Suitable for softwood, hardwood and other type of woods.

Perfect for woodworking use.

Suitable for fixing on all kinds of small-sized square and round materials, etc.

Perfect for woodworking routing use

Can be used to carving woods, fruits or vegetables etc.

Perfect for woodworking, crafting, DIY works, painting etc.

Easy to Use


4 kinds of proportion

3 different sizes drill bushings

High Precision

4 Different Radii

12 different sizes cutters

Adjustable Strap & Multiple pockets

Durable right angle clamp, made of premium aluminum alloy die-casting material. Allows two wood block of different thicknesses to be joined at a 90 degree angle.
Rubberized single handle with adjustable rotary jaw to align and hold work pieces precisely. Solid and anti-skid, helps to set up instantly and secure quickly.
Maximum clamping range is approx. 2.68in/68mm; jaw width: 3.74in/95mm; jaw depth: 1.4in/35mm, can clamp materials like steel rod, metal tube, wood, thick glass, etc.
Swing jaw design, single handle jaw two-way rotation can be adjusted. Precision right angle clamping tool, a must-have for woodworkers, handymen and DIY”ers alike.
Can be used as a clamping device for 90° corner joints. Perfect for aligning, nailing, woodworking, welding, screwing, making cabinets, box and picture frames.

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