Desk Woodworking Plans – Things To Consider

Even these days, when everyone seems to want to go paperless, desk is still synonymous to clutter. There are still random things that need to be put on their proper places. Pen organizers, file organizers, Flash drive organizers, CDs and the mandatory coaster for your coffee mug. Everyone also has different working ‘styles’, so while it is a common practice to just purchase the standard office desks, the best way for one to get a desk is still to have one custom built, or better yet to build one from scratch.

For such a project, desk woodworking plans are a must. While you can cut and go as you please, considering that desks are simple enough to construct, you run the risk of wasting time and resources. Here are some things to consider when looking for desk woodworking plans.

Materials and Hardware

There should be a detailed list of the woodworking materials needed, as well as a cut list. Some free plans out there are very poor, in terms of the cutting list and might end up leaving you frustrated, so watch out for those. There should also be a list of tools you would need such as handsaws, a drill and drill bits, measuring tapes, level, a sandpaper and a hammer.

Organization and Ergonomics

Desks are constructed for people so that anyone working with computers and paperwork can keep things organized. Good woodworking plans for desks would also enable you to come up with one where you can work with the least strain to your body. The surface should be at an ergonomic height and there should be enough leg room. The compartments should also be well-constructed. What’s good about woodworking projects is that you can customize things to suit your preferences, in this case, your working style.


While it is true that desks are easy to construct, they are not entirely child’s play, so unless you are an expert, you might get stumped at some point, however rare that may be. It would be nice if you can find desk woodworking plans that provide alternative construction notes.

A desk woodworking plan is one way to ensure that your desk will appear to have been built by a professional, which is something you will appreciate if you tend to receive some people for work (read: clients).

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