Beginning With Woodworking Basics

Most all of us that have come to love woodworking have gotten there because of our passion to work with our hands to build things of lasting value.

Whether is the desire to create something that you could stand back and truly call your own or even perhaps a combination of that and the fact that you just don't want to pay for the overpriced high profit pieces of furniture you find in retail stores .

Regardless of how you've come to be interested in learning more about the basics of woodworking, it's important that you begin by getting your arms around that which you'll be working with … the wood.

Wood comes in a variety of properties and it is important that when you are just learning the basics of woodworking that you gain an understanding of these basic properties.

Wood changes when exposed to external elements such as weather and the stress and pressure that it may be exposed to and it expands and contracts over time. So, it's important to know and be able to recognize why wood acts the way it does in various situations and environments.

Generally speaking, the various varieties of wood that you'll be working with will come from one of two different categories. They will either be a hardwood or a softwood.

So, the first basic of woodworking is knowing which type of wood is which and also knowing which type to use for the woodworking project you are considering. And as you get a bit further into the woodworking basics you'll come to discover other types of manufactured wood products that offer much of the same beauty as the natural wood but you won't have to worry about it changing its shape over time.

Just beyond learning about the different types wood and the options that they offer you, is learning about and beginning to acquire woodworking tools. All of us woodworkers love tools and love buying new tools. It is these woodworking tools and learning how to use and master them that will allow you to build just about anything that your mind's eye can imagine.

There is a lot to learn when it comes to woodworking. In fact, you'll never really stop learning and manufacturers will always be coming out with new wood products, new tools, new adhesives, new finishes, and on and on.

You've got a whole life ahead of you in the world of woodworking so don't rush, be sure to get the woodworking basics under your belt first and build from there.

Source by Jeff Foster

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