7PCS Countersink Drill Bit,HSS Drill Bit Set with One Hex Key Wrench and Adjustable Woodworking Chamfering Counter Bits Carpentry Reamer Plated Perfect for Plastic Wood DIY, 3-10mm

Price: $14.99 - $7.99
(as of Nov 20,2019 23:51:00 UTC – Details)

Countersink drill bit, with woodworking chamfering, can drill out the smooth hole in one time and keep on the same axis,
then insert screw into the hole.You will get a nice smooth surface on any type of hard, soft wood.

Make the woodworking more perfect with LittleSmith countersink drill bit.

Specification Product Name:three-pointed countersink drill bit
Material: high speed steel
Application:use on Polyurethane(pu), Rubber, Plastic and Acrylic, perfect for HARDWOOD or SOFTWOOD

Package Included:
7 x Countersink drill bit
7 x Woodworking chamfering
1 x L Hex wrench

How to Use Woodworking Countersink Drill Bit?
✑ Use the wrench to adjust the chamfering according to the length of the screw, and then tighten the screw of the chamfering clockwise.
✑ Loosen the drill chuck and install the sink drill. Please ensure that the drill bit is clamped!
VERTICALLY drilling the countersink hole on the wood.
✑ Clear the wood chips and embedding screw, get a nice smooth surface

Special Note When Using the Countersink Drill Bit:
It’s best to use a bench drill. It’s not well positioned when using the hand drill , which causes the drill bits (especially the 3mm and 4mm) to bend and break easily!!!
Try to keep the drill VERTICAL while drilling, not to bend the bit or the chamfer surface is uneven.

After-Sales Service of LittleSmith
Quickly customer service feedback within 24 hours.
Quality problems within 90 days can not be used, will Full refund or Free replacement.

❶☞ HSS material: the Ultimate 2-in-1 countersink drill bits are made of high speed steel, QUENCHING treatment, so they are HIGH HARDNESS, WEAR-RESISTING and DURABLE.
❷☞ Three point drill design: the cutting flutes of the countersink drill bit is made of CNC gear grinding, the three-pointed bit is better in CENTERING and NO SKID .So the drilling is ACCURATE and FAST with HIGH EFFICIENCY.
❸☞ FLEXIBILITY, REMOVABLE and ADJUSTABLE: It’s convenient to use the combination of Hex Key to adjust or disassemble the countersink drill bit and the five-flutes chamfering.
❹☞ CHIP REMOVAL QUICKLY: the wide chip slot and the five-flutes chamfering make the operation process faster to remove the sawdust, and the chamfering is more SMOOTH and UNBROKEN.
❺☞ Round handle design: handle is smooth without friction with the machine, and it’s suitable for Power Bench or Hand drill driver in the most common size.

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